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Transition Year

  • Worldwise Global Schools(WWGS) and Eco-Unesco 2017  

    ‘L.E.A.F’ by Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk, Tralee.

    A group of 6 TY students have created an environmental themed pathway on the school grounds!!!

    In a venture sponsored by WWGS the pupils aim to spread the message of the Global Goals for Human Development among the school and wider community while at the same time creating a space for mindfulness and wellbeing.

    For this project, they created a pathway that would be a permanent fixture in the school. It will be called ‘Living Classroom’ and it will be a place where students and staff could relax and get some fresh air for their own mental wellbeing. At the same time people can read infoemation about the Global Goals for human development The path is around 300m long and will consist of metal plaques with various global goals on them. Accompanying the plaques will be art designs and sculptures made out of recyclable materials.

    The project is called L.E.A.F, or ‘Leading Environmental Awareness Further’ and they are definitely leading environmental awareness further.


    in the Young Environmentalist Awards 2017

    This project has reached the final of the Young Environmentalist Awards 2017 and it needs your votes to have a chance of winning in the competition.  The students have worked very hard through the year on what has become a very significant project that not only improves the grounds in the school but has educational import as well.  We are asking you to vote for them….

    Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. The Mounthawk project is in the last section and very close to the bottom of the list of projects:

     Poll Instructions:

    Please vote for ONE PROJECT OVERALL – don’t choose one project per category. To ensure a fair use policy you can only vote ONCE PER DAY.

    Voting is open on 2nd May and closes on the 15th May. The winner will be announced at the Showcase and Awards ceremony on 23rd of May.

    We have been working with WWGS for a number of years now and thanks to their funding we are almost finished the first phase of our “Wellness Way”.

    It was a bleak start at the beginning of the Year….


    And it took a bit of thought to get the plan in place…


    And a bit of planning on paper of course….


    but the results are just great….

    IMG_3923 IMG_3924  IMG_3927

    the path invites us to follow…

    IMG_3919 IMG_3920 IMG_3921




    Transition year IT Module – By Allanah McElligott and Jamie Bourke

    Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School has recently introduced an IT module as a pilot programme for the Transition Year students. The students are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets to school to access the school’s Internet for their classes. These are being used as interactive learning platforms. While the devices are not replacing textbooks, they provide multiple learning opportunities for teachers and students alike.
    Mr Pat Fleming, vice principal of the school, has disclosed that the project has been successful so far, with very few minor difficulties which were easily resolved. He wishes to trial the programme with Transition Year students, with hopes to expand the module to other years in the school. The programme is being tested on Transition Year students as these students have no set curriculum. In Transition Year, there is less requirements for bulky bags containing textbooks and copies. The programme also gives the teachers a broader scope for material and provides the opportunity for creative learning.
    Students Emma Leahy and Sinead O’Mahony are both participating in the module. They commented on the convenience of the devices and the speed of the Internet. Emma said “I think it’s really useful, because we can use it for projects and we don’t need to go to the computer rooms anymore.”
    The module will be assessed later in the year and is being considered for other years. Mr Fleming has described the module as being revolutionary and hopes to expand it.


    COSI – – by Alannah McElligott 4.3

    The Community of Social Innovators group is a group of fourth and fifth year students in Mercy Mounthawk who are dedicating their time and effort to making their community a better place. The COSI group is made up of Transition Year students, Tamsin Stack, Éabha McCarthy, Karen O’Brien, Patrick Slattery and Connor O’Donoghue, and fifth years, Michael Ryan, Darragh Costello, Fearghal O’Rourke, Aisling O’Malley and Emma Moynihan, all of thom work with their teacher, Veronica Hunt. This year, Mounthawk has chosen the theme “Health and Well-Being”. The group recently travelled to Cork, where they participated in a training day. Here, they interacted with other students from schools around Ireland, and discussed ideas for promoting their chosen themes. “It was a great experience”, said Transition Year student, Tamsin Stack. “We learned all about other schools’ projects and showed them what we’ve done so far.

    So far, the Mounthawk students have set up a Wall of Gratitude in their GP area, where members of the school can read what other people are thankful for, and letters that people have written to special people. They have also held a 5km Fun Run for the school, to promote health and fitness. The group each got involved for different reasons, but mostly, they wanted to make a difference to the lives of other people. Michael Ryan wished to stress the importance of this year’s theme: “Obviously, everyone is aware of physical health, but there seems to be a stigma surrounding mental health, so we felt like we had to draw attention to it.” The students hope to continue their fantastic work in promoting Health and Well-Being in their school.


    The Irish Beaver Computing Contest – By Alannah McElligott 4.3and Sarah Hartnett 4.2


    The Irish Beaver Computing Contest is a partner in the International Bebras Computing Contest. It is an All Ireland problem-solving challenge with a focus on computational and logical thinking, and plays a part in introducing Computer Science to students. Six students from Mercy Mounthawk were chosen based on their exceptional Junior Certificate mathematics results. These students are Caoimhe Barry-Walsh, Patrick Slattery, Conor O Nuallain, Sean Dowling, Ciara Holmes and Christine O Sullivan.

    The contest is completed online and under the supervision of a teacher. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Many of the students hadn’t even considered the possibility of their maths results being this good, and it was a surprise to all of them. Coaimhe Barry-Walsh said “It was a huge shock to be chosen, but it’s a great honour all the same.”
    In 2012, over 525,000 students from 21 countries were involved in the competition. Ireland will take part for the first time in November 2013, when over 750,000 students from over 25 countries are expected to participate.
    Sean Dowling was very humble, admitting that he did not think that his results were that good, and admitted that is was a huge shock to receive his letter today. He commented, “It’s a great acheivement and I’m looking forward to progressing to the next stage.”
    Another delighted student was Conor O Nuallain, who said that he was really happy when he received his letter and immediately told his family the news. “I told my parents straight away and they were delighted.”
    The final student to receive her letter was Ciara Holmes. She explained that she was to do the contest online during the dates 11th and 15th of November. “It was a fantastic surprise and I cannot wait to take part.” All of the students are to be recognised for thier amazing acheivement and look forward to participating in the competition.
  • TY Shorts


    The TY students of Mercy Mounthawk have been busy creating their own short films for their English module. Inspired by local and international short films, the students will be showcasing their work in the new Halk Talk broadcast. Here is a sample of what is to come:

    This is a short film made by student’s of Mr Redican’s English Class:

    Here is a film trailer created by students of Ms Hunt’s English Class:

    Here is a video on the Human Rainbow we created last year:

  • Hawk Talk is a new newscast by the TY Class of 4.3. Hawk Talk is a current affairs broadcast, capturing all the goings of our school community in Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk.

    Eco-Unesco Eco Den- Cork 13/03/2014

    The Transition Year Students of Mercy Secondary School, Mounthawk, travelled to Cork to participate in the Eco-Unesco Eco Dens competition. This was the Munster round and five of our teams spoke to the adjudicators. It was an excellent day and they anxiously await the results!

    Inter-TY Sports Day – Tralee 12/03/2014

    The TY students of Mercy Secondary School, Mounthawk, as part of their YSI initiative, organised a sports day for the neighbouring schools TY students. It was a brilliant success and thanks to all the TY students who attended!

  • Launching in March 2014, a new newspaper by the TY Class of 4.3! Hawk eye will chronicle our life and times in Mercy Mounthawk.

    hawk eye



    Fashion Show 2017 took place on 29th November with the them of Winter Wonderland and some fantastic style on show.  There was a matinee for 1st and 2nd years and the main event was the evening performance. Around 650 people packed into the gym for the spectacle and they weren’t disappointed with a great show.

    Great praise is due to the TY students who modeled so professionally and prepared the event in such detail. Even greater praise must go however, to the new team of teachers who took on this huge annual event so congratulations to Ms O’Leary and the team on a job superbly executed.

    Special guest on the night was Maria Walsh, former Rose of Tralee, who awarded prizes for best-dressed ladies. There was also a guest appearance from Michael Healy Rae TD.

    You can see photos of the event below:

  • A great evening of awards and entertainment took place on Wednesday 25th May with the Transition Year Graduation evening.

    There were numerous awards given out on the night but the top male and female student awards went to Liam O’Leary and Ali Feely respectively.  Well done to them and to all our winners.  Congratulations to all the students on completing a very successful Transition Year.

  • Transition year Trip to Italy 2014

    “This is a brief compilation from our wonderful trip to Italy last February, 2014”

    This video was put together by Ms. Hunt.

    Previous Tours


  • September 2012 sawchinese1 the new Chinese Language and Culture Programme designed by The Confucius Institute, UCD, being rolled out to Transition Years at Mercy Mounthawk.
    This excellent course combines a mixture of language learning, cultural studies, student based projects and is rounded off with a Chinese Oral Exam and a very tasty meal in a local Chinese restaurant. It has certainly proven to be a thoroughly educational, diverse, enjoyable and popular course for TY students as it was eagerly chosen by many!
    The excellent opportunity of an introduction to the most spoken language in the world did not go unnoticed as students expressed their keen interest in continuing Chinese studies in the future, mentioning the business and economic possibilities involved!

    Below are images from a lesson in Chinese Dumpling Making (Jan 2014)

    20140113_154405 20140113_151840 20140113_144516