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Supervised Study

You cannot open a book without learning something.” ― Confucius

colourful-books At Mercy Mounthawk, we strongly recommend Supervised Study. It is very important for students to develop the habit of study if they are to reach their full potential.
Supervised Study is available to all students at Mercy Mounthawk. Supervised Study provides a valuable opportunity, under the guidance of our experienced teachers, for students to discipline themselves and to concentrate on homework and revision in a quiet, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Mercy Mounthawk prides itself in the standard of supervision offered to all who attend. Our supervisors will not tolerate any form of misbehavior and parents are contacted via post if students are not making effective use of their time.

Please read the rules which govern study prior to application and note that Supervised study will not take place on days when Parent-Teacher meetings or Staff meetings take place. The school reserves the right to cancel study during extreme weather events and when school authorities deem it appropriate. All changes to the study schedule will be available on this page.

Supervised Study Update: October 19th 2022

Halloween Break Study
During the Halloween Break, we will be offering a limited number of places for study the cost will be €60.
We will run a 5hr study session (1st-4th Nov). Study during Halloween Break will take place between 10.30am-3.30pm with regular stretch breaks and lunch from 12.20pm-12.50pm
You can register your interest here:
Wednesday only Study
We are also looking at the idea of a Wednesday-only study which would take place 2pm-4pm or 2pm-5pm.
Currently we are not able tyo
This will be based on people’s need given the new timetable. You can express interest here:
For more information on either option email:

Supervised Study Update: September 9th 2022

You can sign up for Term 1 Session (Sept-Dec) here.

Term 1 study sign up

This term we will be providing study Monday to Friday after School. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Study will run 4.05pm-6.05pm and Wednesday will run 2.00pm-4.00pm.

If there is interest later in the year for a 3 hour session this will be considered.

The fee to book a place for first term (Sep-Dec), in two hour study is €275. A sibling discount may apply on these fees (€50 for the second sibling and €100 for the third).  Payment is in advance and installment payment is not possible. These fees will be reduced for students who join later in the term. Contact for a fee quote.

Two hour study will take place from 4:05pm to 6:05 each evening, except for Wednesday, when it will begin at 2.00pm and end at 6.00pm. There will be a ten-minute break after 55 minutes. 

Study may not be available on days when staff or parent-teacher meetings are taking place. Mr Nolan or Ms Mckenna will update students well in advance via Google classroom and via this webpage. 

If study is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, contingency hours on a Saturday (date to be decided, if necessary) will be offered as a replacement. 

Students will be permitted the use of a device during study this term, therefore it is important that parents ensure that devices will be used for school-related work ONLY during study, by discussing this with their student prior to application. 


The school reserves the right to refuse students access to supervised study.


Supervised study is just brilliant … structured study without distraction” Mary (Parent)

“Having a teacher there makes me do work that I mightn’t do at home” Patrick (Student)

As a Leaving cert, I find it very useful to go straight from class to study and not have the distraction of the journey home and outside life” James (Student)

It’s great to study with others … I feel like we are all the same working together” Ciara (Student)

“My parents find it  great knowing that I’m studying for at least 2 hours each evening … no arguments, I just do it!” David (Student)

It’s easier to study in supervised study … there isn’t any noise” Alice (Student)


Supervised Study Guideline available here