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LC and LCA State Exam timetable 2017

JC State Exam Timetable 2017


Classroom-Based Assessment Task in Junior Certificate English 2017

As you are aware, students taking English for the Junior Cycle have to complete a Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) which counts for 10% of their marks in the subject for the Junior Cycle. There are two stages in this process; the collection of texts (student writing) and the completion of the assessment task itself.

The State Examinations Commission has issued new dates for the completion of this Assessment Task in English. The dates are as follows:

Latest date for the Collection of Student’s TextsFriday 7th April 2017

Completion of the Assessment TaskTuesday 2nd to Monday 8th May.

The Collection of the Student’s Texts

This involves the student choosing two pieces of work that represent their best written work. When submitting their work to their teacher, they should include a reflection sheet which has the title and genre of their work, their reasons for choosing these pieces and a reflection on one piece of work. Teachers will organise this collection of writing and the reflection sheet with students in class before the deadline of Friday April 7th (this week).

The Assessment Task – procedures

The Assessment Task for English will be undertaken following the completion of the Classroom-Based Assessment. This Classroom-Based Assessment Task will be completed in normal class time over two class periods.  The first class will involve engaging with stimulus material (video/audio clips) made available by the NCCA and student reflection on their collection of texts in preparation for completion of the answer booklet in the following class. This stimulus material will be made available on on the 24th April 2017. The completion of the answer booklet itself will take place in the second lesson. The booklets will be supplied by the school.

It is envisaged that the two class periods will take place on the Wednesday 3rd May and Thursday 4th May. To ensure that all students will have the full forty minutes for the completion of the task and the filling in of the booklet, the process will be run during the 11.55 class period on Wednesday 3rd of May and the 9:10 period on Thursday 4th May.

If a student is absent for the completion of all or part of the Assessment Task, the school will make local arrangements in the school to allow the student to complete the task as close as possible to the timeframe scheduled for completion but before Monday 8th May. The usual arrangements regarding notes for illness to cover the absences apply.