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SPHE Social Personal and Health Education

Welcome to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) page.   On this page you will find information on the SPHE course provided in Mercy Mounthawk.  As part of this course, each year, there is an RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education) module, details of which you will also find on this page.



Our SPHE/RSE course in Mercy Mounthawk sits within the general WELLBEING programme of the school.  This programme is outlined in our WELLBEING policy accessible here:  Mercy Mounthawk WELLBEING Policy RATIFIED 25 Feb 2019

Connected to this overall WELLBEING policy, the school has a specific SPHE/RSE policy which outlines the approach to promoting social, personal, relationships and sexuality education in the school.  You can read the policy here: SPHE – RSE policy Mercy Mounthawk 2018



All students in Junior Cycle study SHPE/RSE as part of the WELLBEING curriculum.

The NCCA has produed a new specification for a Junior Cycle SPHE short course  as part of the development of the New Junior Cycle curriculum.    The syllabus can be accessed here:   NCCA-JC-Short-Course-SPHE     Al studients in Junior Cycle will cover the material of teh Short Course as specified by the Department.   Below you will see the elements of teh SPHE and RSE courses for all year groups.


SPHE COURSE:     1st Year SPHE and Wellbeing              2nd Year SPHE and Wellbeing               3rd year SPHE and Wellbeing


RSE COURSE:         FIRST YEAR RSE 2022                             Second Year RSE 2022                                   Third Year RSE 2022





SPHE  COURSE:          4th Year SPHE scheme                        5th year SPHE 2022                                6th year SPHE scheme

RSE COURSE:               TY 4th year RSE 2022                           RSE Scheme 5th year                                 RSE 6th year Scheme 

TY 4 yr RSE. module 2 2022



Séamus Whitty of Kerry Life Education working with first years as part of their SPHE programme.

Séamus Whitty of Kerry Life Education working with first years as part of their SPHE programme.