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Return to School Autumn 2020


    Each student is asked to read the Return to School Safely Induction document and sign it with their Parent/Guardian before return to school.

    We will send, to  each student(years 2,3,4,5 and 6), a google form version of the Induction document. This google form version of the induction document will be sent via google classroom(each student is part of a year group google classroom). We ask that students read the document on google classroom , complete the questions and submit it by clicking submit at the end. This process allows us to collect the completed forms electronically and safely.

    Incoming first years have been sent , in the post, a paper version of the form as they are not yet on google classroom. This will arrive to homes on Monday 31st August. We ask all incoming first years and their parents to read and sign the form and bring it to school with them on Tuesday 1st September.

    A PDF version of the form has been attached here.

    Induction Graphic

    Please click on form to open FULL PDF version


  • Practical information for Students and Parents August 24th 2020, please click on picture.

    First Page Practical Steps to Students august 24th 2020

  • Please Click on either map  for Full Size…can be printed


    Year Group Zones                                                                                                                                                                                                                        One way Map

    Lunch Year Group Zones V 6 Proper

    Year Group Zones


    Capture ov V6

    One way Map























    Please click here for our COVID – 19 Policy Statement

    Please click here for Covid 19 Response Plan Mercy Mounthawk Ratified by the Board of Management.

  •  School App: Please download today!…the App Links are below.

    Version 5 of the app went online on the week of 23rd August, we ask all parents and students to update.

    If you have problems downloading the app, you need to email:

    I have spoken to the people developing the app and they have assured me they will deal with you within 24 hours.

    The main means of communication with parents will be through our School App so we ask all parents and students to download the Mercy Mounthawk App.


    School App links:

    App logo CroppedApple App Store

    Google PlayStore

    Some App details:

    • You will be able to download the App today.
    • Forms accessed through the App must be completed and returned digitally through the App.
    • You will  get access to VS ware later , after your daughter or son has started in Mercy Mounthawk.
    • We ask all parents and students to download the App, this is vital for seamless and paperless communication with all members of the school community.


  • Videos

    • Back to school advice for post primary students: Department of Education and Skills

    • Back to school advice for parents: Department of Education and Skills

    • School Induction Video for First Years

    • School Induction Video for all years

    • How to safely wear a face covering: HSE

    • Hand washing Video: HSE



    1. Information for first years on Student Induction Form will arrive at home on Monday 31st August.
      • We require all students to view the videos on the Video tab
      • We require all students to familiarise themselves with the one way map
        • You may take a screenshot of the map and use it on your phone to help navigate your way in school
      • When you receive the Induction Form(1st years will get this on Monday 31st by post),
        • We will ask all parents with their students in first year to read and sign before returning to school with the form on Tuesday 1st.
        • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Year students will get the Induction Form through their google classroom account  on Monday 31st August.
        • We will ask all parents and students to read and submit this form via google classroom after Monday 31st and before students return to school.
    2. We require students to be aware of the different entry points for each Year Group for mornings and after lunch.
      • 1st and 6th Years will enter by the Main door of the school
      • 2nd Years will enter by the big side door near the staffroom
      • 3rd Years will enter into the outside court yard near centenary hall…this court yard entrance will bring you into the canteen area
      • TY’s will enter the prefabs but will sanitise first at special stations outside the gym
      • 5th years will enter through the glass doors into centenary hall.