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RACE for State Exams 2017

This page is created to assist parents in determining whether their son/daughter is eligible for a RACE accommodation for the state examinations.  

Please read the information here and if you think that your son/daughter should make an application, then please contact either the Guidance or Special Needs Departments in the school for further information.

Reasonable Accommodation (RACE) for Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate exams 2017

A new process for RACE for the state examinations has been introduced from 2017 onwards. This process is outlined in detail on the state examinations website  An information booklet from the State Examinations commission is available for download at this address:

This includes information regarding special arrangements in the state examinations for candidates with learning, visual, hearing and/or physical difficulties.

Examples of such accommodation include:

  • Waiver from the assessment of spelling, grammar and punctuation in language subjects
  • Reader/ Reading Assistance
  • Use of Tape Recorder or Word Processor
  • Access to a Scribe

The process of identifying eligibility will commence shortly in the school as follows:

Leaving Certificate 2017

  1. Students with a previous Junior Certificate accommodation:

Students who received accommodation at Junior Cert may have their accommodation reactivated for Leaving Cert if there is no change in circumstances with the exception of special centres, subject to confirmation by school authority of an identified and continuing need.  The school will work with these students initially in terms of the reactivation of their application.

  1. Students with a new, additional or different application:

Students who did not have accommodation for their Junior Cert but may be eligible at Leaving Cert will also be considered.

For the purpose of identifying eligibility, the school is obliged to follow the criteria as outlined by the State Examinations Commission.

Junior Certificate 2017

For 2017 the eligibility criteria for accommodations has changed. Initially all potential eligible students have to undergo school based assessments. This process will begin in early November 2016. Parents of potential eligible students will be notified in writing and asked to give their consent to allow this process to begin. However if you believe your child should be given consideration and has not received a consent form, please contact the school directly.


Please review the key dates outlined below. All deadlines will be strictly applied by State Examination Commission.