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  • Intercultural night, 15th November 2018

    On Thursday, November 15th the students and staff came together to celebrate multiculturalism at Mercy Mounthawk in fond memory of our teacher, colleague and friend Martha Brassil.One of Martha’s many legacies was celebrating student individuality and identity and to continue this in memory of our dear friend an Intercultural Night, where students from many different nationalities shared traditions, foods and cultures was held.

    Students from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Italy, Ireland, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Greece, Russia, Poland, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines were very happy andextremely proud to participate in this event, highlighting their fondness and respect for Martha at every level. It proved to be an unforgettable experience where students,teachers, parents and invited guests learned a tremendous amount about each other, heightening awareness and acceptance and strengthening the sense of belonging in the school,which was always Martha’s wish.

    The Intercultural Committee were very happy to welcome some of Martha’s family with her daughter Aisling, who spoke about Martha and how happy she was to see Martha’s legacy continuing. It is envisaged that this night will be held ever two years to continue the work of our dear friend and colleague Martha Brassil RIP.

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    Sarah Khidr

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  • Mercy Mounthawk is a school which fully embraces it diverse nature. The school has run several projects to help students from all over our planet feel part of our community.

    Transition Year students involved in a YSI campaign to foster racial integration in school and in local society.  The group are continuing a national award winning project from last year and are doing some brilliant work.  To highlight the issues of racial integration they hosted a wonderful multi-cultural evening in the school on Wed 7th Dec. There was music, dance and food from a great range of countries.  The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly and did much to make those in our school not native to Ireland feel most welcome.
















  • Here’s a video of a day out for a group of our students where the emphasis was on helping newly arrived Syrian students to integrate into school life.