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Health & Safety

  • School Bags

    The use of school bags creates risks for both students, and for other school personnel, as the storage of school bags can block passageways and become a tripping hazard.  Storage racks are provided for the safe storage of some school bags however school bags left around can become a trip hazard and a focus on safe storage is maintained.

    The following guidelines are provided to parents: There are three common school bag designs, namely the rucksack, shoulder strap bag and the sports bag. The rucksack design is the most efficient when it is worn correctly on the back and not over one shoulder. It is important that the straps are a good fit.

    When carrying a schoolbag student should remember to:

    • Strap both handles of the bag on your shoulders if possible.
    • Stand and walk with a straight back.
    • If your back is not straight, your school bag is too heavy and you could be doing damage to your back.
    • Take care and be aware of others in the vicinity when removing your school bag from your back.
    • Don’t stand for long periods with your school bag on your back.

    Students are also be reminded that it is not necessary to bring all books for all subjects every day and they are be encouraged to plan their requirements for each day.  Students are allowed to lockers at break times during the school day to change books so that they do not have to carry all books at the same time.

     Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk is committed to making efforts to alleviate the problem of heavy school bags and school bag storage issues. It recognises that the provision of marked storage areas is essential to alleviate the hazard.

  • Policy currently being updated