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Child Safeguarding

In accordance with the Mission Statement of the school and in compliance with the guidelines from the Department of Education and Skills, we are committed in Mercy Mounthawk to protect the safety of our students.   To this end, we have developed a Child Safeguarding Statement and conducted risk assessments while can be viewed at the links below.

2021 Documents and Review 

 Child Safeguarding Statement 20.09.2021

Notification of Review Child Safeguarding to Parents Council 2021

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Review 2021

2020 Documents and Review 

child safeguarding statement Mercy Mounthawk update 01.10.2020 

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Review 02.04.2020 Mercy Mounthawk 

Child Safeguarding Notification of 2020 Review to school community



2019 Documents and Review  

Child safeguarding Notification of Review 2019

Child safeguarding Risk Assessment 2019

Child Safeguarding Statement 2019


The school safe-guarding statement and procedures are based on the DES guidelines:

DES Child Protection Guidelines 2017


Wellbeing in the school and the link with Child-safeguarding

The approach of the school in relation to Child safeguarding is to support our students in becoming responsible and being aware of the importance of protecting their own and other peoples’ safety, both inter-personally and on line.  This preventative approach is delivered through the SPHE/RSE programme in the school which is part of our  WELLBEING strategy.

Our WELLBEING policy policy is available here:   Mercy Mounthawk WELLBEING Policy RATIFIED 25 Feb 2019

You can view our SPHE/RSE programme in the school here:

You can view information on our WELLBEING SIP here.