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Mental Health Week

Display By Elisha Buckley 6th Yr for Health Promotion Week 2015

Display By Elisha Buckley 6th Yr for Health Promotion Week 2015



Mental Health Week aims to promote awareness of mental wellness issues for young people. The school provides extensive support to our pupils through the Pastoral Care Team and guidance counsellors. This is part of an overall health promotion strategy in the school following on from a HSE Award in  recognising Mercy Mounthawk as a health promoting school.

Mental health promotion is about increasing people’s resilience and ability to cope with life’s stresses by developing their general life skills and identifying and using positive ways of coping.

Events featured have included:

  • The formation of a Human Rainbow by the entire student body as a symbol of hope (See gallery below)
  • A drama by Humourfit Drama Company on bullying.
  • Talks on mental wellness delivered by Kerry Life Education.
  • a workshop for first years given by The Graffiti Theatre Company
  • a Youth Forum for second years organised and run by fourth and fifth year students
  • a Stress and Relaxation talk to fifth and sixth years'Color Run'
  • a Nutritional Therapist spoke to sixth years on the importance of diet in creating optimum health
  • During all Health Promotion Weeks the school canteen offer special deals on healthy meals options, reducing the prices significantly which is a great support for the promotion of a balanced healthy diet.