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Music and Drama Productions

  • Stage Musicals

    On Stage

    The school stages a musical theatre production every second year to tremendous acclaim and with huge student participation both on and off stage.   At Mercy Mounthawk we believe that Music and Drama play an important role in the development of our students.

    2018 My Fair Lady

    Below are some photos and music clips from the hugely successful performance of My Fair Lady (Jan 2018).


    Back Stage

    While those on the stage certainly gain the limelight, it has to be remembered that productions do not take place without the dedication of so many people, the musicians and the back stage crew who build and paint the sets.  Their experience is just as significant.  In fact there are many who would say its even better – read the testimony of one such student:   Oliver the Musical Backstage    Why not check out this evidence from Fiddler on the Roof:


    Our Musical Productions

    Recent years have seen successful productions of the following popular musical:

    2018: My Fair Lady

    2016: Les Miserables

    2014: The Sound of Music

    2012: Oliver

    2010: Grease

    2008: South Pacific

    2006: Fiddler on the Roof

    2004: West Side Story 

    South Pacific  2008

    South Pacific from Mercy Mounthawk on Vimeo.

    Grease  2010
    Fiddler on the Roof  2006

    Fiddler on the Roof from Mercy Mounthawk on Vimeo.

  • Drama Productions

    On alternate years a school DRAMA is staged including in the past, superb productions of


    Big Maggie

    Big Maggie (3) Big Maggie (9) Big Maggie (70) Big Maggie (73) Big Maggie (74)

    Big Maggie (64)















    Romeo and Juliette


    The Last Apache Reunion

    The Field
    Philadelphia Here I Come.



    Participating in good quality drama production is a great challenge for anyone … and even more so when you’re sixteen or seventeen.  And yet our productions over the years have been amazing.  It is remarkable to see students plumb the depths of characters and find in themselves acting potential they only dreamed of beforehand.  Over the students have written of the power of participation in school productions such as this article SIVE 2011

    2013 saw a marvelous production of Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa. This remarkable play was captivating in every way and great credit is due to a  most impressive cast and production team especially co-directors Tony Behan and Noreen Sheldon and producer Elaine Costelloe.  To read a cast member’s account of her experiences click here: Dancing at Lughnasa 2013

  • Music

    Music is the medium through which the soul sings….

    In Mounthawk we make every effort to promote the involvement of students in music.  There is a richness of music in the school, traditional, rock, and classical – something to suit every taste.

    Over the years the school has hosted classical recitals such as that by the international renowned pianist Richard Meyrick – see the slide show…

    M-Idol   –  Mounthawk talent shows

    For several years we have had ‘Mounthawk ‘s got Talent’ which as the name suggests had been a forum for talented students to strut their stuff!  It all started in 2009 with the ‘M-Idol’ competition. Read more   Last year we had both a talent competition and a ‘battle of the bands’ as part of the Anniversary garden fete.